Wheel Brands

KMC XD wheels | Autocraze

The KMC XD series thrives on dirt and any off-road terrains. They are built to withstand everything. Designed for chaos of extra-duty off-road racing. Lightweight, strong, and race-tested. The KMC XD wheels are equipped to take on the next challenge.

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Grid Off-Road wheels | Autocraze

Grid Off-Road wheels are designed for those who truly want to go off the grid. Grid Off-Road wheels are the next evolution in 4WD wheels. That is why Grid Off-Road wheels are designed to be strong and durable. Whether you’re planning to hit it off-road with your Grid Off-Road wheels this weekend. These wheels will be more than able to handle anything you thrownew at it.

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Fuel Off-Road wheels | Autocraze

Fuel Off-Road wheels have produced some of the most advanced off-road wheels in the market to date. Offering the latest in design and engineering innovations on the market. Over the years Fuel Off-Road has captured the hearts of many off-road enthusiasts with cutting edge designs, fitments, and technological advancements.

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Moto Metal wheels | Autocraze

Moto Metal Off-Road wheels could be one of the most easily recognisable wheels on any off-road trails. Moto Metal Off-Road wheels offer some of the most powerful designs and aggressive lifted fitments on the 4WD market.

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Black Rhino wheels | Autocraze

Black Rhino Off-Road wheels have a proud reputation for creating some tough mudder alloy wheels. Black Rhino Off-Road wheels are engineered to carry heavy loads and cope with rugged off-road use. If you’re looking for some of the craziest fitments on your 4WD, then the Black Rhino Off-Road wheels is the right set of alloy wheels for you.

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Asanti wheels | Autocraze

Asanti wheels is one of the most customisable wheel brand in the market. Offering multipiece construction, where all elements of the wheel can be customisable. Asanti wheels have been bringing the notion oft he luxury wheel to a whole new level. Delivering unique designs and advanced finishing options.

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Helo wheels | Autocraze

Helo wheels offers excellent value in its diverse product line. Offering wheels with fitments suitable for a wide range of vehicles like a passenger, light trucks and SUVs. Helo wheels offer a wide range od designs from the custom street looks for stock, lowered or lifted 4WD’s.

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Tuff wheels | Autocraze

Tuff wheels have exploded in popularity and recognition throughout the years. Making Tuff Off-Road wheels one of the biggest and fastest grownewing brands in the 4WD wheel market. With multiple designs they have wheels ranging from 15” to 26” with wheels that are sure to fit your truck or 4WD.

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American Racing wheels | Autocraze

American racing wheels is the brand that has started it all. The American Racing wheels are available for all classic and vintage American muscle as well as modern fits. From performance on the track to bravado on the street, there has been one constant innovation. With decades of heritage in American motorsports across every discipline.

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Diesel wheels | Autocraze

Diesel wheels was made to change the very look of your vehicle with bold and aggressive designs with extreme fitments to cater for nearly every taste out there. Bringing to the 4wd market the latest and greatest in 4wd wheel designs and fitments. Made to be both stylish and tough.

The Diesel wheel range was released in late October 2017. While its parent company Stamford Tyres have been around since 1930. Established over 80 years ago becoming a market leader in the wheel and tyre market with wheels and tyres being distributed to over 90 countries.

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Lenso wheels | Autocraze

Lenso wheels provide your vehicle with a unique and cutting-edge design. Lenso wheels ensures you get peak performance and envious styling for your ride. Equip your ride with an individual personality and style.

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Simmons wheels | Autocraze

Simmons wheels, it’s all about that classic Australian wheel design. Making it one of the most iconic Australian brands in the market. Having been around for decades, they can be seen on a wide variety of vehicles from show cars, race cars, drag cars and even your typical commuter vehicles.

You may recognise Simmons wheels for their aggressive lip depth and rivet style designs.

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Rotiform wheels | Autocraze

Rotiform wheels designs and builds some of the finest cast and custom forged wheels for your vehicle. Rotiform wheels are focused on style, strength, and aggressive fitment. Rotiform wheels is unparalleled in quality and excellence.

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Niche wheels | Autocraze

Niche wheels have been making its waves in the JDM and European scene. Niche road wheels are known for its high quality and excellent value. Making it a top seller in Australia. Their award-winning designs and top-notch finishes are what everyone is talking about.

Niche road wheels feature deep concave, dish for days, thick spoke and everything in between for lovers of all styles.

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Rays wheels | Autocraze

Rays wheels is a high-end premium JDM wheel brand that is well known throughout the motorsport and street scene. Rays wheels are best known for manufacturing brands like Volk racing and gram lights.

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BBS wheels | Autocraze

BBS wheels are a German alloy wheel manufacturer who has been engineering true high performance wheels for more than 40 years. Within those 40 years, BBS wheels have won over 250 series Championships including F1, Touring cars, World Rally Championships and more.

BBS Wheels produces OEM wheels for many cars manufacturing companies such as BMW, Ferrari and Porsche. Understanding true performance requirements along with proper loading, tolerances and durability.

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King wheels | Autocraze

King wheels have designed some of the most unique styles in the wheel market. King wheels are known for their high-quality and tough as nails wheels. Designed and tested to withstand the harshest outback terrains for off-road enthusiasts. They’re not only tough but also amazing looking and luxurious for your city roads.

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SSW wheels | Autocraze

SSW wheels focus on producing some of the highest quality alloy wheels on the market. SSW offers wheels for a wide range of vehicles such as Passenger, Euro, JDM and 4WD’s. When you buy SSW wheels, they scream quality as they have been manufactured and tested in-house to the highest quality.

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Koya wheels | Autocraze

Koya wheels have been leading the wheel market with its insane staggered options, customisable finishes and custom offsets. Koya wheels are always striving for only the best.

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PDW wheels | Autocraze

PDW wheels, they’re some of the best-looking quality wheels in the market. They’re the perfect aftermarket wheels for any passenger and SUV cars. Famous for their excellent design choices with their variety of bold, modern and aggressive styles.

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Speedy wheels | Autocraze

Speedy wheels have been around since 1957. Over the years, Speedy wheels have become an iconic brand within the Australian wheel & tyre market. Speedy wheels have built a reputation for its quality manufacturing and engineering excellence, innovation in design, technical superiority.

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V8 wheels | Autocraze

V8 wheels, A brand that has luxury styling in mind, creating a wide range of wheels to suit almost every make and model out there in the market. V8 wheels are one of the most popular wheel brand choices in Australia. Their diverse range of wheels caters to suit all styles such as tuners, luxury and even your everyday commuters.

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Concave Concept wheels | Autocraze

Concave concept, a brand that was born from the love of the automotive form. Concave concept wheels scream out quality, value and performance. They’re perfect for any occasion whether it’s just a runaround, time attacking or even drifting.

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Envizio wheels | Autocraze

Envizio wheels have already been making its rounds in the luxury wheel market. Making it one of the top choices in the luxury wheel market. Envizio wheels are all about their classic wheel designs. Making it suitable for both sports cars and streets cars. It’s just simply of the most versatile wheel brands on the market today.

Foose wheels | Autocraze

Foose is a wheel manufacturer based in America. Foose wheels is a world-renowned hot rod wheel brand. Their wheels are not only for vintage and hot rod cars but also modern muscle cars, trucks and 4WD’s.

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U.S Mag wheels | Autocraze

US mag wheels has pushed and evolved the vintage and modern envelope with new custom forged designs for modern passenger, SUV and trucks.

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Motegi Racing wheels | Autocraze

Motegi Racing wheels is a brand name that’s well recognised at almost any raceway. Motegi racing wheels is known for its lightweight construction, tuner styles design, and quality of build.

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Advanti Racing wheels | Autocraze

Advanti racing wheels is the next big thing in sport luxury wheels. Their unmatched quality and unique styling are what makes Advanti racing who they are today. Every Advanti racing wheels are crated with precision and forward styling.

The Advanti racing wheel brand is all about supplying drivers with that adrenaline boost and increasing heart rates for over 20 years.

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Adventus wheels | Autocraze

Adventus wheels provide excellence in their craftsmanship and products. They are unprecedented in their designs with a delicate mixture of styling, elegance and incise design.

If you don’t know what all the hype is about with Adventus wheels, then you’re already missing out. Their wheels speak for themselves, truly innovative styling.

Dub Racing wheels | Autocraze

Dub wheels feature revolutionary designs and quality construction in all their wheels. You’ll find styles from robust truck wheels to sleek Dub wheels with slim spokes and even premium styles wheels.

Dub wheels are available in a wide variety of finishes including bright chrome or gloss black machined finishes that give your Dub wheels that unique designs.

OX wheels | Autocraze

OX wheels is one of the world leaders in aftermarket wheel designs and innovation. Creating aftermarket wheels that are tough, reliable and elegant in European and Japanese style wheels.

All OX wheels are made with the highest standards such as JWL, VIA and even TUV..

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TSW wheels | Autocraze

Set your car apart with a set of TSW alloy wheels. Make a statement today with a set of TSW wheels. Known for their quality, precision engineering, advanced materials and revolutionary manufacturing.

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Zenetti wheels | Autocraze

Zenetti wheels is committed to finding that perfect balance in a wheel. Combining balance, pure design, clean lines and a timeless aesthetic to give you the perfect Zenetti wheel.

Zenetti’s high quality wheels will complement the styling of today’s modern luxury and sports vehicles. They’ll truly take your ride to the next level.

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